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Products manufactured using QPS Technology:

Diclofenac Diethylamine BP 4.64% w/v, Diclofenac Diethylamine BP 2.32% w/v Methyl Salicylate IP 10.00 % w/v Menthol IP 5.00% w/v

Dynapar QPS & Dynapar QPS Plus

Dynapar QPS Film

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Quick Penetrating Solution (QPS)

Conventional topical formulations of NSAIDs do not effectively penetrate the barrier of the stratum corneum (outermost layer of skin). Hence, they play a limited role in pain management. As a result, the medical profession continues to depend on oral NSAIDs, which are known to have severe side effects on the stomach, kidneys & cardiovascular system.

QPS Technology enables an effective drug delivery of drugs through the stratum corneum. QPS is an acronym for Quick Penetrating Solution. It is a patented drug delivery platform which provides quick and comprehensive penetration of the drug through the stratum corneum. QPS Technology provides a unique base in which the drug is solubilised. The base gets absorbed into the skin & thereby, carries the drug through the barrier of the stratum corneum. QPS base is non-aqueous, yet can be washed with water. Further the base is non-volatile, non-irritant, an emollient & non-staining.

Dynapar QPS is the world's first Transdermal preparation of diclofenac, which provides excellent pain relief after topical application, by enhancing the penetration of diclofenac through the skin. Dynapar QPS is backed by proof of concept pharmacokinetic studies as well as clinical trials. Since Dynapar QPS provides prompt pain relief upon being administered to any inflamed area (knee, back, elbow, neck, ankle, etc.), it minimises or eliminates the patient's requirement of oral pain killers. Dynapar QPS, therefore, brings a paradigm shift in the management of musculoskeletal pain.

QPS technology enables us to manufacture many more topical formulations where currently available formulations do not provide adequate clinical benefits. Phlebotroy QPS is a novel topical heparin formulation, which provides significantly enhanced penetration of heparin sodium through the skin, resulting in faster resolution of superficial thrombophlebitis as compared to conventional topical heparin creams or ointments. QPS formulations of a few other drugs are under development.


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