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Water soluble Natural vitamin E - Aqua-E omega
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Aqua-E omega Liquicaps

Water soluble natural Vitamin E 100 / 200 / 400IU + Omega 3 fatty acids EPA 90mg & DHA 60mg.


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Corporate Philosophy
Corporate Philosophy

Water soluble Natural Vit. E & Omega

Lipisol technology is all about solublising fat soluble compounds like Vitamin E, water soluble, by adding a special solubliser. When Vitamin E comes in contact with water, oil droplets less than 15 micron remain dispersed and do not form a collision, which ensures an oily formulation to become water miscible.

This water-soluble formulation does not require presence of food in the gut for absorption & offers double bioavailability.

Indication: Aqua-E omega is indicated as in Pre-eclampsia, Fibrocystic breast disease and as an antioxidant in various conditions in Cardiology, Neurology, Dermatology.


Composition: Water soluble natural Vitamin E 100/200/400 IU + Omega 3 fatty acids EPA 90 mg & DHA 60 mg.

Features: Only water soluble natural Vitamin E with omega 3 fatty acids in liquicaps.

Aqua-E omega offers:

  • Lipisol technology - water soluble Vitamin E & omega 3 fatty acids
  • Double bioavailability
  • Liquicap advantage

Presentation: Strip of 10 Liquicaps.

Packing: 10 strips of 10 Liquicaps each in a box.

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