A culture that inspires
creativity and active participation

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An inspiring place where a healthy work-life balance is encouraged

At Troikaa, our 2,800+ human capital is our greatest asset. They form the core of our operations and every care is taken to nurture them through continuous learning and development interventions. Our facilities have been designed to inspire creativity, efficiency and progressive thinking. We want our employees to come up with out-of-the-box solutions to problems and develop positive attitude towards work.
As an organization, we go the extra mile to make sure that employees are encouraged to enhance quality and productivity through active participation and innovation. Our policies have also been designed to offer a healthy work-life balance to employees wherein an employee grows on the personal and professional front effectively.
At Troikaa, employees are nurtured to unleash their full potential, which helps in their overall growth, making them ready for any and every challenge they face professionally.

Head Office, Manufacturing, Warehouse and International Locations
Field operations

Candidates interested to join us in our field positions as a Business Executive, Business Manager, Regional Business Manager, Zonal Business Manager and Sales Manager for locations across India; should email their Bio-Data at:  recruitment@troikaapharma.com