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Dynapar AQ (Aquatech Technology)

Dynapar AQ is a novel Diclofenac injection manufactured by the Aquatech Process, which provides the full dose of 75 mg Diclofenac in just 1 ml.
The Aquatech process provides the optimal concentration of Diclofenac in an aqueous solvent system, thereby, providing the full therapeutic dose in a smaller volume.
The reduced volume of injection and the low viscosity of the solution in Dynapar AQ ensures that the injection is virtually painless.
The multiple advantages of Dynapar AQ have been demonstrated through a number of clinical trials. No wonder, Dynapar AQ has won several awards and accolades.

Dynapar QPS (Quick Penetrating Solution Technology)

Dynapar QPS is the world’s first Transdermal preparation of Diclofenac, which provides excellent pain relief after topical application, by enhancing the penetration of Diclofenac through the skin. Dynapar QPS is backed by proof of concept pharmacokinetic studies as well as clinical trials. Since Dynapar QPS provides prompt pain relief upon being administered to any inflamed area (knee, back, elbow, neck, ankle, etc.), it minimizes or eliminates the patient’s requirement of oral pain killers. Dynapar QPS, therefore, brings a paradigm shift in the management of musculoskeletal pain.

Phlebotroy QPS (Quick Penetrating Solution Technology)

Phlebotroy QPS is used in prevention and treatment of thrombophlebitis.

Phlebotroy QPS is a new generation topical solution which ensures higher penetration of Heparin as compared to conventional ointment/gel. It is backed by multicentric clinical trials and is manufactured using the globally patented QPS technology. Each ml of Phlebotroy QPS contains 1000 IU/ml of Heparin Sodium.

Phlebotroy QPS offers significant reduction in the length of venous lesion, better improvement in grades of Phlebitis and complete resolution of Phlebitis in 90% of the patients as compared to heparin gel.  Prophylactic application of Phlebotroy QPS is effective in preventing development of superficial thrombophlebitis. Phlebotroy QPS maintains the patency of AV fistula in patients undergoing dialysis.

Naso B12 (NASOMAX Technology)

NASOMAX technology is a proprietary nasal drug delivery technology for safe and effective systemic delivery of the drug molecule, through the nasal route. Methylcobalamin has very low solubility in water. To provide optimum therapeutic benefit by the nasal route, Methylcobalamin is dissolved at 500 mcg per 0.1 ml concentration, in a solvent system consisting of safe, non-irritating co-solvent which enhances absorption of Methylcobalamin rapidly through the nasal membrane.


Sevotroy is a perfect Anti-HF formulation with optimum water content advantage. Sevotroy is indicated for induction and maintenance of general anaesthesia in adult and paediatric patients for inpatient and outpatient surgery. To prevent degradation of Sevoflurane to Hydrofluoric acid, Troikaa has developed Sevotroy formulation having the optimum water content. It is manufactured in Troikaa’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that ensures zero impurity. Even the impurities permissible in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia are absent in Sevotroy.


Troypofol is an emulsion injection of Propofol and is manufactured by Nanoemulsion Technology. It is manufactured in an ultramodern facility equipped with a high-speed homogenizer which ensures control on globule size of the emulsion. Troypofol Nanoemulsion Technology results in small, uniform and controlled globule size of Troypofol Nanoemulsion which provides better efficacy of Troypofol and less incidence of pain.

Cyanide Antidote Kit

Cyanide Antidote Kit is used for the treatment of cyanide poisoning. The kit provides a dose of amyl nitrite for inhalation and an intravenous sodium nitrite injection. This converts a portion of the haemoglobin’s iron from ferrous iron to ferric iron, converting the haemoglobin into Methaemoglobin. Cyanide is more strongly drawn to Methaemoglobin than to the Cytochrome Oxidase of the cells, effectively pulling the cyanide off the cells and onto the Methaemoglobin. Once bound with the cyanide, the Methaemoglobin becomes Cyanmethaemoglobin. The next part of the cyanide antidote kit is Sodium Thiosulfate which is administered intravenously. The Sodium Thiosulfate and Cyanmethaemoglobin become Thiocyanate, releasing the haemoglobin and the kidneys excrete the Thiocyanate.

Xykaa Extend 1000 (Duo Phase Technology)

To provide therapeutically meaningful extended delivery of drugs, Troikaa has developed Duo Phase Technology. Through this technology, the drug dose is split judiciously into two components, where one part delivers the drug immediately and the other releases the drug in a sustained release pattern. Thus drug delivery is biphasic and ensures the requisite pharmacokinetic profile. Drugs developed using this technology are extended-release Paracetamol tablets of 650 mg and 1000 mg (Xykaa Extend). Products manufactured using Duo Phase Technology are presented in stylized tablets which graphically represent the biphasic drug delivery.

Trofentyl OTFC (Intra Oral drug delivery)

Intra oral drug delivery provides an excellent route of drug delivery into the systemic circulation. It has inherent advantages such as the prompt onset of action & predictable drug delivery. Trofentyl OTFC is a lozenge of Fentanyl Citrate for the treatment of breakthrough pain. As soon as the patient rolls the lozenge in his/her oral cavity, the drug released from the lozenge gets absorbed from the oral mucosa. The pain relief starts in about 10-12 minutes and lasts for 20-25 minutes. In the event the patient experiences any adverse effects, he/she can simply take the lozenge out and the effect will wear off in a few minutes.

Xykaa Rapid 500 (Decompaction Technology)

Decompaction Technology ensures quick decompaction of granules to micro-fine particles, resulting in faster absorption and a quicker onset of action. Products manufactured using this technology are very useful in those conditions where a rapid onset of action is desirable. Currently, the two products manufactured using this technology are Dynapar Tablets (Diclofenac + Paracetamol) & Xykaa Rapid (Paracetamol). When ingested, the active drug is ready for absorption in just 45 seconds and hence provides assured relief in less than 20 minutes.

Myonit Insta

Myonit Insta is a fast acting Nitrate with the onset of action in 114 seconds it dissolves immediately when kept under tongue & provides immediate relief from anginal pain. Myonit Insta is packed in an amber glass bottle, ensuring undiminished potency throughout its shelf life. It is also available in an easy-to-carry patient-friendly pack.


LiquiCaps (Liquid-filled & sealed Hard Gelatin Capsules), the latest innovation in encapsulation technology, are being accepted as the next generation capsules. LiquiCaps are 2-piece hard capsules, filled with oily medicaments & sealed with a band.

The major benefits offered by LiquiCaps over soft gelatin capsules include lower microbial load in the thin gelatin shell of LiquiCaps, as compared to the heavy microbial burden in softgels.

What is more, LiquiCaps disintegrate much faster as compared to softgels & hence release the active ingredient promptly on ingestion.

Citrazinc SR

The Matrix technology used in Citrazinc SR facilitates release of small amounts of active ingredients, from the tablet in a controlled manner, over an extended period of time. Citrazinc SR tablet was developed using matrix technology in which the drug, polymer and additional excipients are uniformly blended, granulated and then compressed into tablets. The matrix is formed from Polymers. The active material is entrapped inside the matrix and is released slowly from the matrix.

The mechanism of drug release from the matrix is based on the dissolution of the drug and its diffusion through the hydrated portion of the matrix. When the matrix tablet is exposed to GI fluids, the surface of the tablet is wetted and the polymer hydrates to form a gel-like structure around the matrix. The gel layer controls both the diffusion of water into the system and the diffusion of drug out of the system up to a desired period of time with a predetermined rate of release. The Citrazinc SR tablets manufactured with this Matrix technology provide effective & desired outcomes in a controlled manner. Thus, small amounts of Vitamin C are released over a prolonged period of time from the matrix.

Troyvit D3

Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) is a BCS – II vitamin with challenges to aqueous solubility which results in low dissolution and limits absorption. As Vitamin D is not completely miscible in water, it cannot be taken with water. To overcome this limitation and to bridge the gap, Troikaa has developed Troyvit D3, a formulation of Cholecalciferol capsules that utilizes the LiquiCaps technology with a Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System (SEDDS).

Troyvit D3 LiquiCaps (Liquid-filled & sealed hard gelatin capsule), are formulated by SEDDS.

LiquiCaps are 2-piece hard capsules, filled with oily medicaments & sealed with a band. Nitrogen bubble in the LiquiCaps keeps active ingredient fresh and intact.

The major benefits offered by LiquiCaps over soft gelatin capsules include lower microbial load in the thin gelatin shell of LiquiCaps, as compared to the heavy microbial burden in softgels. Furthermore, LiquiCaps disintegrate much faster as compared to softgels & hence release the active ingredient promptly on ingestion.

SEDDS converts vitamin D3 into a soluble hydrophilic shell and improves its solubility. SEDDS enables the formation of relatively stable oil-in-water (o/w) emulsions upon aqueous dilution owing to the gentle agitation of the gastrointestinal fluids. When the formulation is released into the lumen of the gut it disperses to form a fine emulsion so that the drug remains in solution in the gut, thereby offering very high surface area for absorption. This helps in quick absorption of the drug and improves oral bioavailability.

Hyginium Hand Sanitizer

Hyginium is a triple action Hand Sanitizer that is more effective than other alcohol-based sanitizers.

Most hand sanitizers in the market are either alcohol-based, water-based or contain naturally occurring ingredients. Alcohol-based sanitizers which come in Isopropyl, Ethyl and Propanol variants are proven to be more effective. From amongst these, Propanol-based sanitizers are clinically proven to be most effective.

Hyginium is a powerful and effective formulation of 75% Propanol and Mecetronium Ethylsuphate that ensures Fast, Strong and Long Acting protection from Covid-19.

Hyginium is fast and strong as it contains 75% Propanol. It is long acting up to 3-5 hours, given its Mecetronium Ethylsulphate content. Its Glycerol-free formulation ensures best pathogen killing effect without drying the hands.

Hyginium is available in 110 ml and 500 ml spray bottles.

Hyginium Multi

Hyginium Multi is a multi-purpose disinfection tablet. It is recommended by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for vegetable & fruit disinfection in Covid 19 pandemic. It is also deemed useful for the disinfection of food utensils / crockery and baby feeding equipment.

Hyginium Multi is a fast acting disinfectant that kills various pathogens like bacteria, virus, and fungi that are present on vegetables and fruits in just 15 minutes.

It is safe and does not affect the consistency, colour or taste of raw vegetables and fruits.

Hyginium Multi is more effective than other regularly used disinfectants like Potassium Permanganate, Sodium Hypoclorite, disinfectant powders and even washing with plain water.

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